About us

Our humanitarian work began in 2015 under the name Zayn Initiative. With the efforts and dedication of our board members, family, and friends, we were able to aid hundreds of impoverished individuals within our local community of Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

 Due to demanding schedules of the original board of directors, our humanitarian ventures were put on hold between 2017 and 2018.  Our CEO continued to be driven towards community service and decided a fresh start was needed under our new and formal name, Zayn Benefit Initiative, although you’ll still hear us commonly use “Zayn Initiative” for short.  Without the vision and drive of the original Board of Directors, we would not be where we are today.

After recruiting a dedicated team, the brainstorming began. Collectively, we wanted to reach the people that have been overlooked within our community and abroad.  Our steadfast work has reached thousands of individuals in over 12 countries and counting.

To date, with the help and generosity of volunteers and donors, Zayn Initiative has built 61 freshwater wells and handpumps throughout 3 continents, served 2,000+ underprivileged children with Eid gift boxes, and provided over 20,000 pounds of food to countries facing famines.  During our “down season” when our major initiatives aren’t taking place, we fill our time by continuing to aid families and individuals with assistance ranging from rent, furniture, clothing, winter gear, and reliable footwear.