Water Well Initiative

Water is a basic human right and a necessity to existence. Unfortunately, access to clean, safe, drinking water is one of the single biggest obstacles for millions worldwide.

Contaminated water and improper sanitation have led to sources of disease and illness, as in many cases, humans and animals are forced to share the same drinking water.

For our team members, this initiative holds such a special place in our hearts as it has reached thousands of individuals across the world and will continue to do so for generations to come. We only partner with trusted and well-informed organizations who go above and beyond to perform bi-annual maintenance and training for the local villagers to ensure water wells and handpumps are constantly maintained and functioning. With 61 (and counting) water well units across 11 countries, our work has just begun, and we certainly cannot continue without your support. Help save lives and make a difference in the world by donating today.

“The best charity is to give water to drink.”- Prophet Muhammad