No Kid Without A Eid initiative

 Every Eid Fitr, we do our best to ensure that there is no kid without a Eid. Prior to the month of Ramadan, we begin a campaign to provide a box of gifts for underprivileged children within our local community that otherwise would not be celebrating Eid with gifts to enjoy.

Our volunteers assemble gift boxes packed with fun and interactive family games and toys to enjoy during and after the holiday. Once assembled, they’re wrapped up and hand delivered by our volunteers to those families. This event is one of our volunteer favorites and is so exceptional as it brings together people of all ages throughout the community to take part in this hands-on initiative. To date, we have been able to serve close to 3,000 children within our local community as well as communities in other countries like Yemen and Africa.

Ramadan 2021 in Sierra Leone

Ramadan 2021 in Uganda

Eid 2021